Hedge Maze Madness!

Give it a good poke with your 9 1/2 foot pole!

We walked toward the haunted castle in search of the unicorn helm. We passed a murder of cultists who informed us of their comrades ascension. In a camp near the castle yonder, we found the ascendant crow, along with a German Shepherd warrior and a rat sister.

We now learn that surrounded by a moat, and a murderous hedge maze, and also an aura of magical storm darkness was our destination. We lit our torches and headed in.

Inside the murder maze We rescued rat sister’s brother and brought him back to camp. We also found the remains of a cat, and centipedes! With a little help from our rat thief, and a lot of poking, we made our way to the center of the maze. The castle was in sight.

Magus tried to make a map of the maze but failed. Then we all failed to find a good way across the moat, but curious Calico found a hidden entrance to a spiral staircase that ended up being a greasy chute to hell. Armond took the lead and was sent careening into a plain stone chamber. He sprained his ankle.

We found some rotten bags of oats and collected some delicious mushrooms before making our way up some stairs and through some hidden panels. In the next section of the castle, we chose to go through a locked door and into a seating area where we found some candelabras. Through another door there was a ghost-dog who is warning us to leave. I think we should poke him.


Kirkenheimer Kirkenheimer

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